DaJohn is the producer standing behind ZOYA records music production. He is experienced sound designer that worked on various fields of sound production. He is a multi-genre music and sound producer.


FFrika has been a DJ for more than a decade. He developed a very particular taste for house music that goes a little deep. He's into specific sounds which can be found in his music production as well as in his DJ sets.


He is devoted to house music, prefers vocal, deep, funky and tech house. He likes to experiment with music and different sounds, which results in his unique and smooth DJ sets and well defined sound production.


Emory Toler is Brooklyn based solo singer and lyrics writter. His career streches out from the age of local gospel choir to todays established position as lead and back vocalist singing all over the globe. He worked with many well established artists such as legendary diva Barbara Tucker, DJ-star dj Romain and many, many others.


White Attic is a studio project.


He is a DJ in first place. Spinning records for a long time made him develop a special taste for music and sound. Marq feels the same about music production as he feels about DJ-ing - everything spins around house music with progressive house being his favourite field.


HAMO (Matevz Salehar) is a blues singer. He's also a guitarist (bass and rhythm guitar) and composer. Musical background and years of performing as a vocalist and instrumentalist surely affect his interpretative singing strength. His charismatic vocal is the one you will never forget.


KSENIJA (Ksenija Kaloper) is a young and very talented female singer with deep and special voice. Her superb vocals in "Lonely girl" enriched this amazing tune.


"TIDE" (Kevin Koradin) is a well established name on international music scene. Together with "Scandal" (DaJohn and Matt) Kevin Koradin combines different musical streams and brings fresh and dirty sound to hit the dance-floors. (www.tide-band.com)